COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all Ontario businesses must have a COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan. 

Looking to get a quote on cleaning services? Make sure to ask each candidate for their safety plan.

At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we regularly review and update our safety plan.

Key parts of the safety plan include:

  • Understanding the risks of COVID-19
  • Controlling the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Screening methods, physical distancing and PPE
  • Hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Steps to take in case of a COVID-19 case in the workplace

Developing your own safety plan?

Ask us about our day porter services and how they can contribute to a plan for controlling the risk of transmission in the workplace.

Workplace Safety Plan information and templates can be accessed at:

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan


Why we don’t franchise

The search for a cleaning company to service your offices can be overwhelming. There are many options out there, and hiring a company you can trust is paramount. What is the difference between one company and another? How do you know which to choose?

From one business to another, we at Sunset Quality cleaning wish to relay the difference that a local, family-owned and operated business can provide.

Continuity of service and the establishment of long-term goals with our clients are our chief priority. We do not participate in janitorial franchising, a practice where companies acquire client contracts for the lowest possible price and then turn around to sell them to other parties.

Why we don’t franchise:

  • Franchising does not encourage high quality, long-term business relationships.

A franchising company will send a sales representative to meet you at your office and do a walk-through, giving the impression that you are choosing that person to service your account. However, after the initial meeting, you will likely never see that same representative. The franchisor will sell your account to other parties that are unknown to you.

  • The franchisor’s goal is not aligned with your goals as a client.

For the franchisor, there is an immediate benefit in selling the contract to their franchisee, often for thousands of dollars. This sale is the main source of revenue for the franchisor, and often leads to underbidding on the contract simply to get it. Continuity of service is only a secondary concern for the franchisor. Additionally, franchisors have an agreement with franchisees that they must replace a contract if it is lost. As a result, further underbidding on contracts occurs. The franchisor’s obligation to the franchisee is the main objective—not the service to the client.

The Sunset Quality Cleaning Difference

Martin Mysicka, the company’s founder, or one of his immediate family members, will come and meet you for the walk-through. If you choose our company, we will personally service your account for its duration. We make regular quality control visits to your site, easily accessible from our office in Kitchener-Waterloo.  In this way, we provide continuity of care to our clients and the opportunity to develop lasting, meaningful business relationships.

 Contact us at (519) 725-3232 or for more information or to request a quote. Take care in your choice of company. With Sunset Quality Cleaning, you can trust you are in good hands.


How to choose a cleaning company

Following these guidelines helps to ensure the positive experience you hope for when enlisting a cleaning service; that is, excellent service, quick communication, attentiveness to your needs, and peace of mind that the care of your facility is in good hands.


How long has the company been providing service for? A company that is just starting out will not be able to match the service of a company that has been providing service in a community for decades. A great deal of knowledge is accumulated over time in cleaning techniques, customer service, and training of staff—and the difference shows. Sunset Quality Cleaning has been operating in Waterloo Region for over 30 years!


Experience should be matched with references. Long-term experience is not valuable unless backed up by happy, long-term customers that can vouch for a company’s service record. Please speak to us about seeing references from our satisfied customers, many who have been with Sunset Quality Cleaning for over 10 years and counting!

Structure & Locality:

Consider the structure of the company you are going with. Is it a large corporation, where you will only meet a representative once when they give an estimate and then never see them again? When you wish to communicate with them, will they be personally invested and informed about your needs and the service at your place of business? Sunset Quality Cleaning is a local, family-run business. We live in the area that we serve and are always available to come for site visits, even on short notice.


Make sure you choose a company that is fully insured and bonded (to a sufficient amount) and covered by WSIB, for the safety and security of your company and facility. Sunset Quality Cleaning is insured & bonded with a $5,000,000 policy, as well as WSIB-covered.

Supplies & Equipment:

Before you hire a company, inquire about the supplies and equipment they use. Are they dedicated to green cleaning supplies? Do they buy local products? Do they have the best equipment available on the market? Looking into this beforehand helps ensure the use of environmentally responsible products, and the right equipment that will get the job done. Sunset Quality Cleaning is dedicated to the use of eco-friendly products and advanced equipment, as well as continual research into new and better products.


How are the staff selected and trained? Is there a high turnover rate, or can you expect a continually high standard from one cleaner or team? At Sunset Quality Cleaning, we understand that the key to our success is our people, and we treat them accordingly. We have an extremely low turnover rate for the industry, and many husband/wife/family teams that have been with us for over ten years. Our staff is remunerated according to performance, and so our cleaners are personally invested & motivated to provide excellent service, and they take pride in their work!

COVID-19 Update: Re-opening Guidelines

As Ontario businesses slowly phase into re-opening, we are faced with new challenges in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Increased cleaning and sanitization of commonly touched surfaces and items (i.e. door handles, railings, tables, work surfaces, office equipment) is recommended.

Ask us today about our day porter services and systematic disinfection of high-contact areas. We will be happy to support you in re-opening your business while keeping your staff and customers safe.

For a comprehensive set of guidelines regarding office settings from the Ontario Public Services Health and Safety Association, please consult the following article:

COVID-19 Best Practices in Office Settings


We are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic pro-actively and closely co-operating with our clients to serve their needs during these difficult times. Our staff have been informed of Public Health Ontario guidelines (link below) for self-monitoring and self-isolation and have been provided with hospital-grade disinfectant to use at all our clients’ offices.

We offer day porter services for those companies that need to stay open during this crisis, providing disinfection of high-frequency touch areas such as door handles, light switches, kitchen areas, and washrooms.

We also have a team of 1-15 safety-equipped people on the ready to be deployed for full disinfection of any commercial, medical, institutional or industrial setting that is closed and needs to prepare for re-opening.

We urge all our clients to stay safe during this pandemic by following the government guidelines in the link below regarding cleaning procedures, self-monitoring and self-isolation. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support and loyalty while we face this new challenge together.

Public Health Ontario COVID-19 Guidelines

A great article from the NY Times about smart ways to clean:

Don’t know where to start when tackling certain areas that sorely need cleaning? Read this article for some tips!

Sunset QC Cleaning Guidelines

Have you ever wondered what goes into professional-level cleaning? For all our tips and guidelines, read the sections below:

Carpet care & industrial carpet cleaning

• Vacuuming must be done thoroughly; we use a vacuum hose and attachments as needed to remove salt crystals and de-icing agents completely, or any other debris like paper clips, etc.
• We vacuum along baseboards, behind doors and under desks regularly – dust accumulates along baseboards if not done with an attachment hose. We pick up paper clips or embedded staples by hand. Chewing gum in the carpets has to be removed with the appropriate chemical.
• Any carpet spills need to be cleaned regularly using proper equipment.
• Vacuum cleaner must be in good working order (we replace the vacuum bag before it gets too full or when we notice a bad odour; we wipe the vacuum and cord clean on a regular basis; during vacuuming we avoid pulling at a cord from a distance or getting it jammed under the door – this damages the cord, the plug and creates an electrical hazard).

Floor cleaning

• Having a full bucket of hot water and frequently changing the water is the key to achieving a well-cleaned floor. Often it is the case of using an overly wet mop if streaks appear when dry. We check the floor after it is dry. We use the correct floor detergent to remove salt film/grease if necessary.
• We rinse/disinfect and wring the mop head and hang it in such a manner as to allow for complete drying of the mop strings.
• Dirty mops are often connected with general poor performance in cleaning.
• We change the dust-mop heads regularly before they get too dirty with dust. Our dust-mops are treated to effectively remove any dust from floors.
• A clean dust mop is a must to sweep floors properly.


• We replace your dusters and sweeping brooms at the first sign of wear and tear – not only do tools in disrepair look unprofessional, but they don’t work.
• We supply longer dusters for hard-to-reach areas and cobwebs in high places. We dust all surfaces on a regular basis, not forgetting backs of chairs, legs of chairs and tables, baseboards, behind computer screens, PC cables etc.

Extra care

• When cleaning surfaces, we give extra attention to clean/disinfect high contact areas (switch plates, doorknobs and plates, door frames, faucet handles, soap dispensers, walls under sinks and under paper towels dispensers, baseboards in washrooms, wall areas around trash cans and trash cans). We wipe desks clean and streak free, disinfect telephones weekly. We wipe cabinetry in kitchens and washrooms on a regular basis.

Glass partitions and desks

• We have noticed that finger prints, smudges and streaks are often missed on glass partitions, glass sections on doors, desks etc. To achieve spotless glass a good clump of paper has to be used when wiping off Windex, not just a little piece. It is the cleaner’s responsibility to clean the film on glass partitions that develops over the time. Besides Windex, lightly dampened micro fiber cloth is the best for cleaning such surfaces. Some office furniture cannot be cleaned with Windex. It could damage its surfaces when used often.

Often forgotten places

• Some janitorial providers forget to vacuum carpets behind doors or clean toilet divider doors from inside. Cleaning behind the toilets and bases of toilets is a must! Accumulation of calcium around faucets and drains is a frequent concern as well as vacuuming of ceiling vents in bathrooms. Calcium/hard salt removing cleaning agents need to be used. These items are part of regular clean-up duties! Streaks on stainless steel surfaces are also a frequent issue. The best method is often just a very squeezed-clean micro fiber cloth for many surfaces and applications.

Janitor’s closet

• Keeping the janitor’s closet organized and clean is necessary for a professional look and for maintaining standards of hygiene. We always dump the water and rinse the bucket for the next cleaning.


• We keep window ledges, baseboards, corners, and all areas clear of spider webs or dead bugs. Dusting spider webs often does not work if the insect is not killed in the process. Spiders build new webs in 24 hours and customers complain about dusting not being done. Windex kills spiders but spider pesticide is the best.
• Ants are often a problem and vacuuming/cleaning along walls helps eliminate this problem, especially where food is present.


It is clean or not clean…there is nothing in between!